Blender Vitamins Juice Fiber

Blender Vitamins Juice Fiber Blender Vitamins Juice Fiber Pictures of the process

Various fruit and vegetables are cut into pieces and blended to make juice. I use enough water to blend easily, and to make the juice liquid enough to swallow similar to canned juice.

The initial blending is then mixed by dumping back and forth into two pots, and blending a second time, then putting into containers and stored in the refrigerator.

The quantity shown is about a 7 to 10 day supply for one person at a consumption rate of one or two glasses per day.

The whole fruit is consumed so the fiber is also present, as opposed to just squeezing the juice, and some of the fruit and vegetables have almost no juice.

I utilize what is readily available from my garden or the supermarket in the off season. Usually the soft, pulpy fruits are avoided, since they fiber usually floats, meaning it does not mix well.

Total preparation time about 50 minutes.

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