Crosne, Stachys affinis

Crosne (Stachys affinis) Final Harvesting and Processing.

Crosne were dug a total weight of 15 pounds from the row, around 40 plants. Seven liters of the crosne were pickled in vinegar for future use, and a liter was left out for eating fresh. The blue tarp under the plants has no real advantage, and will be abandoned next year.

If the climate is congenial, the tubers can be left in the ground and dug as required, but this is not an option in my cold region (Zone 5). Next year, placing the tubers in soil and placing in my cold room will be tried for storage.

Last year most tubers got ruined, since they were kept under water in a pail, and taste and color changed. Crosne change to a dark color quickly in the refrigerator, so pickling seems like a good choice for storage.

Some tubers were placed in a pot and buried in the ground for seed in 2010. This same practice was successful last year.

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