Garden Journal 2010

Garden Journal 2010. Garden is 0.4 acres with several beds of fruit and vegetables,in Zone 5B, Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The Journal is mostly pictures with a short explanation.The Journal is updated daily depending upon something of interest appearing. I add material from previous years if it has enduring information. Garden Journal for 2009

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  1. Kris Schewe says:

    Would you be willing to answer a Delphinium question? The pictures you have of the one plant are almost unbelievable. My friend has a Delphinium,
    don’t know what kind, it bloomed once in a very intense blue shade. It
    has never bloomed again. This has gone on for 5 years. The green part
    is very lush but no flowers. We live in zone 5 but it gets broiling hot here.
    It is just now heating up with lots of humidity. She takes care of this plant-
    water,some fertilizer. It just looks like a very flourishing weed. Any ideas?
    I know they “decline” with age but I don’t know if that is the situation here.

  2. Kris Schewe says:

    I wasn’t finished! I love your picture header on the blog. Sort of
    Van Goghish.

  3. Kris Schewe says:

    I left a question about Delphiniums and then I looked at your entire site.
    I am thoroughly intimidated. Don’t people post responses to what you are
    writing? I looked several times and didn’t see any. Maybe I’m not doing it
    correctly? Hope I don’t get on your nerves with these comments. I learned
    several things-thank you! I am in Missouri,USA.

  4. C. Duran says:

    very interesting website and glad to find one in my area – I am gardening in Hamilton, Ontario, and was concerned that all my potato plants had flopped over. I’m glad to read your comments about all this unnecessary hilling up of potatoes – I’m with you – plant them in a trench hill up once and then let nature do what she does best. I am inspecting daily for colorado beetle but crossing my fingers so far.

    Happy gardening.

  5. Kris Schewe says:

    Thanks for your reply! I admit after reading your response I looked at the
    top of the blog again and laughed,you and your dog are charming.Well, I
    have you book marked and will visit often.

  6. Patrick says:

    I’ve been visiting your site for nearly 2 years now and I love checking in on it daily. I really like the layout of the site and the comments on the pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words sometimes. I initially ran across your site when trying to decide between the Honda and Mantis mini-tillers. I decided on the Honda based on your experience and it’s been absolutely perfect. I love being able to carry it around the yard and it does an unbelievable job in my 30″ wide garden beds. It will till as deeply as I need and the texture it gives the soil for seeding is amazing. Best wishes for your gardens this year. I’m in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Zone 7a.

  7. Durgan says:

    I am no expert on Delphiniums, since I only have the one. This year it has disappeared above ground, and I don’t know whether it will bloom in 2011, but I can hope. It certainly gave me some viewing pleasure over the last five years. I do mulch it heavily with wood chips and periodically water, but nothing else.

    Incidentally, my Journal site was hacked by some idiot, and all the links or many have not been replaced yet. I have about 190 to fix.

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