Garlic planted 8 October 2009 Planting Garlic (Allium sativum, Hard neck)

Planted using 2009 best and largest cloves. Seventy five cloves were planted for the main harvest.

Forty five bulblets from another garden, and fifteen one year old cloves, which grew from bulblets last year in another garden, were planted as an experiment to see how large the bulbs will get.

Spacing is 6 inch centers, and depth is about three inches for the base of the clove. The bed was prepared on the 10 of September and covered with wood chips to diffuse rain water and to reduce moisture evaporation.

After planting the wood chips were raked over the bed to limit frost heaving of the soil during the freeze and thaw cycles during the winter. The mulch will be moved away from the emerging shoots in the early spring.

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