Seed Spacing.

Beets 17 April 2009 Beets (Detroit)
Pictures depicting the method used. Applicable for most seeds.

A layer of non-perforated toilet paper, available from a janitorial supplier, is laid in a a row and if wind is blowing large nails are laid to keep in place. The paper is dampened using a spray can. Seeds are then carefully spaced on the paper. This eliminates thinning later, and is worth the effort. If nails have been used, they are removed. Another layer of paper is rolled over the first and pressed down lightly. There is enough moisture to keep in place. The seeds are now covered with a layer of soil, and the row dampened with a spray can.

The row is dampened as required to keep the moisture level high and constant. The seeds are all at the same depth, and germination is maximized. The paper tends to encompass the seeds and keeps moisture contained around the seed.

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