Method of Posting Pictures.

Method of Posting Pictures.
The ‘bucket” systems are a poor method of posting pictures; in fact the buckets are Stonehenge technology. I developed this system over several years, when I got frustrated with the “free” bucket systems.The unique method I use is depicted below.

This means one can send pictures over the internet via E mail or to forums by simply sending the URL. There is no space involved on the receiver or the forum resources. This method is simple, but takes a little personal application, and increases your knowledge considerably, particularly about software and the internet. I use some other refinements developed over time.

Buy Breezebrowser. This simple program formats the HTML pages and allows annotating the photos, and is an excellent program for filing pictures. I file by year, month and day and some mnemonic file name. This is one of my favorite picture handling programs.

Get a web host. This costs about seven dollars a month and stores all your pictures. I use Midphase. Here is the purchase site.

Get an FTP program. There are many but I use WS FTP Pro. Firefox has a built in FTP plug in for FTP. WS FTP purchase site.

To shorten the URL’s use, until you desire a better system, which is not essential but convenient.

This is what your postings will look like. You simply post the shortened URL. The recipient receives pictures that download quickly and are a pleasure to view.

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