Planting Carrot Seeds 22 May 2010 Planting Carrot Seeds
The type of carrot is Chantenay Red.
Carrot seeds require constant moisture and cool temperatures (Less than 80F or 27C) to germinate. The top layer of soil on a bright sunny day can exceed this temperature. Germination takes from about 11 to 22 days. Thinning carrot seedlings is not a pleasant chore and is very inefficient, since one is often pulling the desired more vigorous plant.

By enclosing the seed in s small piece of toilet paper and wetting, the seed is enclosed in a wet environment, and spacing is much easier to achieve. Adding the softwood bedding wood chips will prevent the soil surface from drying and getting excessively hot when the Sun is bearing down. I will be posting a follow-up on this method as to efficacy as time progresses.

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