Plant Trellis Supports 17 June 2010 Plant Trellis Supports

Various supports are required for plants. My practical system is based on material from the fencing section of any large hardware store. The parts are readily available, easy to fabricate and very strong. Four by eight foot reinforcing concrete with six inch mesh is extensively utilized, as is various lengths of half inch diameter rebar. These are painted with tremclad on a piece of plastic to inhibit rust. Good quality tomato cages are also used as are recently acquired six foot spirals, and rings for tomatoes. I also have an overhead portable system which is no shown, since I changed the tomato support system this year.

I use the four by eight 6 inch mesh concrete often. the fence railings are 10 feet so I put them 2 feet in the ground for portrait cases. This I use for the blackberries. The mesh is held with plastic ties.

I put the 4 by 8 in a row in landscape orientation for supporting peas. For support I use the 5 foot fence posts at four foot intervals. Plastic ties are used for fastening.

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