Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?MLQHA 18 June 2009 Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts
There is a set of leaves for each sprout formed along the stem. The bottom few leaves are removed to facilitate picking from the bottom to the top of the plant during the season, and to check for eggs of the white cabbage butterfly. The objective is to have insect free sprouts and compact sprouts. The stake is to keep the stem straight. Sometimes the stem bends then I straighten it by tying to the stake. My 12 plants produce a great number of sprouts. When large enough I pick from the bottom all during the summer. Brussels sprouts grow until frost and keep well until snow falls. At the present stage of growth the plant is a mass of leaves. I have no evidence that the flavor improves with a frost, which is much propagated. The sprouts taste exactly the same all season. Brussels sprouts grow very well in my garden to a height of 3 to 4 feet, and require little care.

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