Conserving and utilizing water in a garden

Conserving and utilizing water in a garden. 8 April 2009 Downspout Rainwater
Pictures indicating a simple, practical method of utilizing downspout rainwater. Barrels cost 15 dollars and all parts and tools are readily available. Any urban downspout system must address the overflow problem during rainfall. The large bung hole is a reasonable compromise for overflow. The height is such that a hose may be utilized for watering plants. The system is readily expandable. I have four barrels, two on each side of the house.
16 April 2009 Downspout Water Connection
The downspout water system was switched over to Summer mode by connecting the downspout to the storage barrels.
28 May 2009 Watering Plant Roots.
This method gets water to the root area of the plants. The hydraulic effect of the water makes pushing the wand into the ground effortless. The device is made by cutting off the end of a typical water garden wand as sold in most hardware stores. 23 May 2010 Transporting Downspout Rainwater
Moving small quantities of rainwater can get tiresome carrying in five gallon pails. The two wheeled car in conjunction with a five gallon pail eases the burden. The lid on the five gallon pail eliminates spillage.

Mulching 20 May 2010 Planting Tomatoes outdoors.
Twenty one tomato plants were removed from their pots an placed in the outdoor garden. The area was heavily mulched using chip bedding. The plants will be staked using rebar and the new type tomato support. The temperature today was sunny 26C and no frost is expected until the Fall. I haven’t watered the tomato plants since planting in the garden to date 20 June 2010.

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