Romaine Lettuce 22 June 2010 Romaine Lettuce

This row of 12 plants of romaine lettuce were planted as seedlings in early May. Usually there is some bug damage. The five that have been pulled to date are perfect with no bug damage. To preserve for a longer period after pulling, the root is kept in water in the kitchen. I have been told that picking the leaves from the plant in the garden allows the plant to grow and one gets fresh lettuce as required. I have never tried this method.

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  1. Mark says:

    I’ve always done pick and come again for all of my lettuce (various leaf lettuces, romaine and butterleaf). With the long, hot days, the plants will still bolt.

    I find that approximately 12 plants provides enough lettuce for my family (2 adults, 2 kids eating salad so far) for May and June. I’ve never waited long for lettuce once it gets going growing. Bolting becomes an issue later on, however I still have a couple of small patches (3 or 4 feet) with small leaf lettuce that should provide us with lettuce for another week or two.

    I have tried various methods to extend the lettuce season with no success yet. Romaine and butterleaf seeded already about 3 weeks ago has just emerged. I am watering every day and hoping to get something out of the 5 feet I have sown.

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