Basil 24 June 2010 Basil

Four plants are grown and produces a large quantity of basil, until the first Fall frost. The plant requires no care and no insects attack in my garden.

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2 Responses to Basil

  1. Kris Schewe says:

    Have you ever heard of planting purple basil with other basil because the
    bugs go for the purples and leave the green alone? I wonder if this is really
    true? All of your pictures are great.Love those Poppies. What do you do
    with all of the food you are growing?

  2. Durgan says:

    I only grow the one type of basil. Actually the plants were purchased seedlings.

    I usually give all the excess produce to the neighbors. The garden is my work project, with the intent of experimenting somewhat. I emjoy disparaging fallacious long held gardening beliefs. There are many, based on old wives tales without any substance, propagated from generation to generation without reflection.

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