Bing Cherry Tree 24 June 2010 Bing Cherry Tree

The Bing cherry tree is laden with fruit this year. The fruit is not fully ripe. Robins love this fruit and do damage, but I suppose there are enough cherries for man and bird. For care, I rake back the mulch and add a layer of compost in the Fall. Lime sulfur is sprayed in the Fall to discourage over-wintering insects. This tree is a nice addition to any home garden. 29 June 2010 Bing Cherry First Picking.
The fruit is ripe and two bowls were picked today. 30 June 2010 Picking last of the cherries.
The birds almost stripped the cherry tree since yesterday. I picked ten pounds today and estimate the birds got around 20 pounds. Next year I will attempt some type of defense. The modified cooler for picking bush fruit is very handy. It means both hand are free and spilling accidents are almost non existent. The strap maintains the container at chest level. I managed to obtain a mesh pail for cleaning various fruit, which works well.

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