Garlic Harvest 3 July 2010 Garlic Harvest

The garlic was dug today and the curing process was started, which will take about three weeks to complete. This is hard neck garlic and I use cloves from year to year from the current harvest. There are 88 bulbs total and ten were culled due to small size and some were damaged when digging. I choose to harvest at this time, since some of the leaves were changing color to brown, and usually the beginning of July is the time to dig in my area. This bed was planted in October of 2009, heavily mulched, and not touched until this harvest. There was still some moisture present at the root level. The quality and size is typical for this type of garlic. 16 July 2010 Hardneck Garlic further drying.
Garlic has been drying in the shed for about 15 days, and was trimmed today for further drying (curing). Adequate drying insures long storage life. Four bulbs equals one pound weight. The bulbs are almost uniform in size. The largest bulbs were selected for seed stock to be planted in October 2010. There are five to six cloves in each bulb. There are about 60 bulbs or about 15 pounds for consumption.

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  1. Kris Schewe says:

    Love your blog-look at it every day. Have made a few comments. I am
    leaving town for about a month so will have all of your entries to look
    forward to. Good luck with your gardening-luck probably isn’t really
    involved though.

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