Bush Berries.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?ZCGHJ 14 July 2010 Bush Berries.
About 15 liters of bush berries were picked tonight from three bushes. The types are European gooseberries, American Gooseberries, and Black Currants. The European gooseberry is larger that the American type as indicated by the penny in the photographs. All the berries are excellent quality, and most prolific,and sweet enough to eat with no difficulty. The bushes should not have so many branches, but I was away when pruning should have been done. About 15 branches per plant is sufficient. This will be corrected during the dormant period this year. I will eat raw, cooked, a few pies, and blended for juice. Do not wash bush berries until just prior to utilizing, since they last longer without deteriorating.

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