Thornless Blackberry 23 July 2010 Thornless Blackberry.

The first season’s picking was commenced today, since a few berries are now ripe.. This is the third year for these two plants, and the first year of full production. It takes two years to establish the plants with no berries allowed to produce by removing the few flowers that form during the first two years. The branches are loaded with berries. Ripe berries are large, and sweet. The berry should be picked when it is released with only a slight pull. Fully ripe the berry falls off when touched, and is then at peak flavor. The name of the cultivar is unknown, since I purchased the small plants in pots with only the name Thornless Blackberry attached. The netting is 8 foot wide crinoline material, which will be improved upon next year using fiber glass screening, since the crinoline netting tears rather easily.

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