Cooking Mushrooms (agaricus bispous) 4 August 2010 Cooking mushrooms (agaricus bispous).
Cooking the (agaricus bispous), common commercial mushroom. I decide to experiment and have for several years utilized the following cooking method. The mushrooms are scrubbed thoroughly with a brush under water to remove any growing media residue. A pot on high heat with a slice of butter is placed on the heat and the mushrooms introduced. Any reasonable amount of mushrooms can be placed in the pot. The mushrooms are cooked (boiled in their own juices) for about fifteen minutes and stirred periodically. There may be a significance amount of moisture present, and this is absorbed by boiling without the lid being removed. A splash of soy sauce is added and stirred vigorously until all the mushrooms are brown. The finished product retains the mushroom shape, and is very meaty in texture. The finished product may be kept in the refrigerator and warmed up in a microwave for serving with little loss in shape.texture and taste, hence the mushrooms can be cooked prior to a meal. Often at family gatherings, I am asked to bring the cooked mushrooms, indicating the method has a bit of merit.

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