Tomato types 13 August 2010 Tomato types

Many tomatoes were ripe today and were picked. Pictures were taken of the stem side and the obverse to indicate typical vine ripened growth. Perfect tomatoes are seldom vine ripened. Of my selection the best for market is Supersonic VF and Lemon boy. Both are excellent in shape and are most prolific. All the dark fleshed types are usually scared, but probably have the best flavor. There is little to choose between the dark fleshed tomatoes, and side by side they appear almost identical. The Japanese Momotaro is similar to many other tomatoes and has no special features.Tomatoes have been modified so much over the years that the names in many cases have no real significance. The current hybrids are amongst the best compared to the heirlooms. There are some other types in the patch, but either so few in number or appearance, that they were not worth photographing.

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