Boca Noir Grapes 21 September 2010 Boca Noir Grapes
There is one vine in my garden. It produced 11 pounds of cleaned grapes, which I consider an excellent yield. The grapes were perfectly ripe. The cluster harbors earwigs, and some other small insects, and the fiber in the cluster is very dense, hence the grapes were removed from the cluster prior to making juice. The grape is small, about the size of a large blueberry.

Method of removing was swiping over a piece of chicken wire to remove the grapes, then a second culling was done by hand removing unwanted grapes and insects from the colander. This completes my grape harvest for the year.

Grape juice was made by boiling for about 15 minutes after adding two liters of water, mashing with a portable blender, and straining through a screen, storing in one liter jars, and pressure canning to sterilize for long term storage at room temperature.

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