Crosne (Stachys affinis) Harvest 8 October 2010 Crosne (Stachys affinis)
About 25 tubers were planted in the Spring about May of 2010. Crosne tubers require a long growing season to fully mature. The harvest of four pounds is below average of previous years. I expected about 25 pounds. This is contributed to short season, and possibility lack of water at certain periods. For 2011 the tubers were planted now to see if the tubers will overwinter and start growing in the very early Spring.

I have tried storing in the refrigerator, they turn color and become uneatable, storing under water they change flavor and spoil quickly, and pickling in vinegar which is less than satisfactory. This year they are bring stored in garden soil in a container in a cool place. If the climate permits they are best used when dug. My area has snow and access is limited during the Winter.

I eat them as a snack raw. Simply wash the dirt off. They have a crisp texture and a slight taste of pristine bean sprouts. They keep about four days without loss of flavor on the counter top.

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