Winterizing the Garden area 20 October 2010 Winterizing the Garden area.

The garden area has been winterized over the last few weeks. Wood chip mulch was applied to the area around many plants. Some pruning was done. All spent vegetation has been removed and put through the chipper/shredder and added to the compost heap. Leaves will be shredded with the lawnmower and left on the grass.

All the growing beds have been rototilled, and all weeds have been removed. Usually a cover crop of red annual clover is grown, but not this year for various reasons.

A layer of compost will be added to the beds, weather permitting. If not possible, the compost will be added in the Spring.

I am a great advocate of wood chip mulch, and have been using it extensively only the last three years. It is relatively low in cost, and certainly reduces watering requirements during the Summer.

Power tools that don’t fit into the shed, are covered with tarps, and fuel conditioner is added to the fuel tanks.

A bit of Fall care, makes planting in the Spring relatively easy, and bugs and weeds are reduced.

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