Making Luffa Sponges 16 November 2010 Luffa Sponges

Luffa require a long growing season about six months, and warm weather. The bottom of the hanging fruit were cut off to facilitate draining of liquid, hoping they will dry prior to freeze up.

About half my luffa’s are dry and sponges were made. Pictures depict the process. The skin is scaled off, and the ends are cut and the seeds shaken out. Some seeds remain and are removed when washing. The cut to the required length luffa are warm washed in soap and water in the washing machine, removed and more seeds removed. Then some bleach is added and the luffa are washed again. The luffa are dried in the electric dryer on low heat. They can also be Sun dried if the weather co-operates. The quality is excellent. Any seeds remaining will discolor the luffa in use to some degree. Seeds were saved for the 2011 planting. There area a great number of seeds in one pod.

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2 Responses to Making Luffa Sponges

  1. Julie Young says:

    Hi there

    I’d love to see your photos of growing luffas – but the link doesn’t seem to work.

    I tried growing some myself this year (in the South Okanagan), but by the time the female flowers emerged it was too late in the season for any fruit to form. Any tips?

    Thanks – love your blog!

  2. Durgan says:

    Try again. Something happened to my short URL script.

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