Bread without kneading 2 December 2010 Bread without kneading

Usually bread is made by kneading the dough, which takes a bit of effort, so people tend to buy commercial bread. The method shown makes a nice tasting bread, quickly and effortlessly.

Procedure: Three cups of flower, with a table spoon of quick yeast and about two cups of water. Mix together, and let rise in a pot for about four hours. Place in an oiled oven cooking pot and let rise again for about two hours. Cook at 450 F for 30 minutes with lid on, then another 20 minute with lid off. let cool before cutting, and enjoy.

Modification possible are: Add a teaspoon of sugar, add teaspoon of salt if desired, add a cup of whole wheat flower, add a tablespoon of some gluten.

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  1. Missus says:

    Your bread looks delicious, Durgan, and so easy to make. I might make the dough before going to bed, and bake it in the morning, although, the fermentation time will be longer, and the dough might fail. I’ll let you know how the bread turns out.
    Today I bought a bag of all purpose flour, Robin Hood, brand, 5 Kg bag for $5.99 minus the 15% seniors discount, at Zellers. Pretty good price. I also have whole wheat flour, that I might add to the batch.

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