27 May 2017 Dehulling Soy Beans

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/27%20May%202017%20Dehulling%20Soy%20Beans/HTML/ 27 May 2017 Dehulling Soy Beans
The first operation in making tempeh is to dehull and split the soy beans. Soy beans dry are 500 ml which swells to 1 liter when boiled. The beans are washed, covered in water and vigorously boiled for 30 minutes. Water is then poured off and the pot filled with cold water. The beans are then manipulated with the hands to remove the skins and to split the beans. The floating skins are then poured off. This operation is repeated about five times and the result is a liter of perfect split dehulled beans ready for pressure cooking. This operation is not onerous and takes about ten minutes. This method eliminates soaking of the bens.

27 May 2017 Tempeh. Pressure Cooking
http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/27%20May%202017%20Tempeh.%20Pressure%20Cooking/HTML 27 May 2017 Tempeh. Pressure Cooking
The beans after being dehulled and split are pressure cooked at 15 PSI for 30 minutes. The moisture content is ideal for fermentation after being pressure cooked. The beans now may be stored in the freezer until ready to ferment. At that time they will be steamed to raise the temperature to 40C prior to mixing the starter spores.

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26 May 2017 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/26%20May%202017%20Tempeh/HTML/ 26 May 2017 Tempeh
A batch of tempeh was made. Each loaf is half a pound and they are perfect. Fermentation was 24 hours. The starter was from Cultures for Health. A new stock of culture was ordered on line, since my home made culture is unreliable to some degree and the expense to buy bulk starter is the most economic route at this time. Even without further cooking the slices are very pleasant. It is the most pleasant method to ingest soy beans that I have encountered. The rival method is making natto.

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26 May 2017 Seitan (Wheat Gluten and Nutritional Yeast)

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/26%20May%202017%20Seitan/HTML/ 26 May 2017 Seitan
Buns 30 grams in weight were made using wheat gluten and nutritional yeast, baked in the oven at 350F for 30 minutes. Equal parts of gluten and yeast flakes were used. Some rice flour was added to make the dough the correct consistency. The taste is slightly cheesy, the flavor of the nutritional yeast. The product is not overly chewy and could be used as one would a typical bun. A source of high protein.

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24 May 2017 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/24%20May%202017%20Tempeh/HTML/ 24 May 2017 Tempeh
This is the method of fermenting the tempeh. I make 500 ml dried soy bean batches, which makes four loaves. The container is easy to work with and has holes for air access during fermentation. The cotton cloth covering is dampened and insures sufficient humidity during the fermentation process. The incubator is controlled at 31C for about 30 hours to complete the process. The starter spores were made from a previous batch, which can be continued ad infinitum but commercial starter spores are also available from several sites. The finished product may be eaten as is, but is usually cooked further and used in one of the many recipes available on line. I can now reproduce tempeh at will.

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24 May 2017 Natto

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/24%20May%202017%20Natto/HTML/ 24 May 2017 Natto
Half a liter of dried soy beans were made into Natto. The beans were washed and pressure cooked for 30 minutes, then mixed with starter and allowed to ferment in the dehydrator set at 40C for 24 hours. The end product is acceptable, but more strings are desired. This batch will be aged in the refrigerator for 24 hours plus before serving. A new batch changing the parameters slightly by increasing the moisture content will be tried to increase the stringiness.

25 May 2017 Natto: Natto from 500 ml of dried soy beans. Practicing to determine if my method is sound in that it can be reproduced The result is it can be made at will.
http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/25%20May%202017%20Natto/HTML/ 25 May 2017 Natto

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23 May 2017 Seitan (Reducing Chewiness)

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/23%20May%202017%20Seitan/HTML/ 23 May 2017 Seitan (Reducing Chewiness)
Experimenting to reduce the chewiness of basic wheat gluten called Seitan by the addition of other flours. Nixtamalized dried corn flour was added and another batch using rice flour. A 100 grams of gluten and 100 grams of flour (two batches) was mixed with water to make a dough, which was then formed into balls of 30 grams each. They were baked at 350F for 45 minutes. The small buns are an excellent source of protein and are soft and most palatable with excess chewiness removed. The flour was made with my flour mill, a Wondermill. The Indian corn was previously nixtamalized and dehydrated for storage. The brown rice was simply ground from the store package.

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22 May 2017 Seitan

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/22%20May%202017%20Seitan/HTML/ 22 May 2017 Seitan
Basic Seitan when baked is too chewy. It is much improved by adding equal amounts of soy bean flour when mixing the dough for baking and enhances the protein content. Soy flour commercially comes in several versions. I now make my own soy flour by de-hulling the beans, dehydrating until dry, then blending into a fine powder. Equal amounts of wheat gluten and soy flour are used. Cooked, the balls are a soft pleasant rich protein source. Much of the chewiness of just using the wheat protein is removed.

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20 May 2017 Tempeh Cooking

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/20%20May%202017%20Tempeh%20Cooking/HTML/ 20 May 2017 Tempeh Cooking
One batch of 500ml of dried soy beans made into tempeh was cooked at 350F in the oven for 30 minutes. The cooked tempeh may be utilized in numerous recipes as desired. I keep it in the refrigerator and eat the small cakes as required. It can be steamed and fried but my preference is for baking on a lightly greased pan in the oven. At this stage it is benign in flavor. The texture is soft but firm.

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18 April 2017 Asparagus

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/18%20April%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 18 April 2017 Asparagus
First of the season 2017 asparagus. The bed is permanent about 8 feet by 5 feet, and was planted with 11 crowns of Guelph Millennium about 9 years ago. It will be left one more day before harvesting. It is harvested about every third day for around 20 to 30 days. This year two stalks will be left on three plants and allowed to grow. The theory being that the growth sustains growing more stalks. This is a test of the theory. Last year 14 pounds were taken over the season, starting 10 May 2016, so the stalks are early this year..

First asparagus harvest 2017 1 Pound
http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/23%20April%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 23 April 2017 Asparagus
First asparagus harvest 2017 1 Pound

25 April 2017 Parsnips. No picture. One pound was harvested today. This post is a record of the harvest over the season.

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/27%20April%202017%20Parsnips/HTML/ 27 April 2017 Parsnips
Today 1 1\4pound was picked.

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/1%20May%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 1 May 2017 Asparagus

One pound of asparagus cut today. It has been cool the last few days hovering around 5C and several rains.

One pound of asparagus cut today. Weather cool and wet, but asparagus grows.
http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/6%20May%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 6 May 2017 Asparagus

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/10%20May%202017%20Asparagus%20One%20pound/HTML/ 10 May 2017 Asparagus One pound
One pound cut today.

Asparagus picked today 1.5 pounds.
http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/15%20May%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 15 May 2017 Asparagus

Asparagus picked today 2 pounds

Asparagus picked today 19 May 2017 300 grams call a pound.

22 May 2017 Asparagus picked today 1/2 pound
http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/22%20May%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 22 May 2017 Asparagus

25 May 2017 Asparagus picked today. 379 grams.
http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/25%20May%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 25 May 2017 Asparagus

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19 May 2017 Dinner

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/19%20May%202017%20Dinner/HTML/ 19 May 2017 Dinner
Dinner; tempeh, pea soup, asparagus, boiled egg, and a glass of mixed juice. All made in my kitchen.
Soup was made previously and frozen, tempeh was recent, asparagus fresh. Juice was sprouted lentils and various mixed juices blended daily. Prep time about five minutes.

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