6 December 2016 Dinner

http://durgan.org/2016/December%202016/6%20December%202016%20Dinner/HTML/ 6 December 2016 Dinner (Dried Powder)

Dinner from my stock of dehydrated vegetables. A tablespoon each of the dried vegetables was mixed with 3 cups of water and gently boiled for 15 minutes. The volume increase is about three times. The quantity selected was about four portions. This soup was served with a buttered slice of spouted whole wheat bread. Drink was a mixed glass of juice, tomato, cherry, concord grape and sweet potato. The soup was garnished with some powdered chili pepper. The dinner was very satisfying.

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4 December 2016 Sweet Potato Slips

http://durgan.org/2016/December%202016/4%20December%202016%20Sweet%20Potato%20Slips./HTML/ 4 December 2016 Sweet Potato Slips
The last of my sweet potato from the 2016 crop was set aside to grow six slips. My procedure is to place the potato in soil just below the surface and let it grow in light. The slips grew well (25 days) and were removed and placed in water for about a week to develop stronger roots. Then they will be planted in a pot to grow, until planted in the outdoor garden. I find the growth is excellent using this method, and it is convenient since only six plants are required.

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27 November 2016 Sprouted Soy Beans

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/27%20November%202016%20Sprouted%20Soy%20Beans/HTML/ 27 November 2016 Sprouted Soy Beans
Recently an interest was aroused regarding the various uses of soy beans. They are used daily cooked for breakfast in my household. Koreans use the beans sprouted so I determined to experiment. I always have them stored in a plastic can in the basement.

The procedure to sprout is wash, soak for 12 hours, and set in a draining tray to sprout in 3 to 5 days. Rinsing every 12 hours is essential to prevent mold from forming. My beans are about a year old and appear to be sporadic in germinating. Any sign of a sprout forming is adequate for producing the health wise benefits. After three days the sprouted beans were removed and the remainder was put back to see if they would sprout more.

The sprouted beans may be eaten raw or cooked as desired. This is my first attempt at consuming so I chose to eat raw, dressed with some apple vinegar and a touch of olive oil. What a pleasant surprise. The texture is a bit crispy, taste is most pleasant, a bit nutty flavoured. The raw beans make a wonderful salad in the off growing season months, and are easy to produce.

Tested sprouting beans are very expensive on the Internet. I have a new supply coming in December which are simply normal field soy beans. My relatively poor germination may be attributed to old beans, which further testing will determine. Field soy are very cheap and many grow in my area.

http://durgan.org/2016/December%202016/2%20December%202016%20Soy%20Bean%20Yield/HTML/ 2 December 2016 Soy Bean Yield
Another sprouting was done with the current supply of soy beans to test yield. The jar method was used and brewing was three days. The sprouted beans were sorted out. This is insufficient. The sprouts are good quality and pleasant tasting. Another test will be implemented when a new supply of beans is obtained.

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24 November 2016 Garlic and Honey

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/24%20November%202016%20Garlic%20and%20Honey/HTML/ 24 November 2016 Garlic and Honey
Most people find consuming raw garlic to be unpleasant simply to ingest let alone the inherent odor from consumption. For consumption infusing the crushed garlic with honey makes the ingredient more palatable. Procedure is to crush the garlic, let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes for the allicin to activate, then infuse with honey. Let sit at room temperature for 4 days then refrigerate. A serving is about two tablespoons or 30 grams daily.

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Garlic (Ingesting Raw)

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/24%20November%202015%20Garlic%20Ingesting%20raw/HTML/ 25 November 2015 Garlic (Ingesting raw).
There are about 12 (about 5000 grams) pounds of quality garlic in the root cellar from the garden. It was decided to reap some of the touted benefits of garlic by ingesting 25 grams (~two cloves) per day. Garlic must be crushed and left for about 15 minutes for the necessary chemical conversions to take place before ingesting raw. The garlic was minced and crushed in a OXO chopper.To consume the raw crushed garlic it was mixed with some kefir grains, some honey, and a piece of buttered bread. The mixture was spicy hot but tolerable. Pictures depict the operation.

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24 November 2016 Kefir. (From Whey)

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/24%20November%202016%20Kefir/HTML/ 24 November 2016 Kefir.(From Whey)
Kefir is made each morning and the typical procedure is to separate the seeds and proceed. Experimenting, it was discovered the that the bacteria exist in sufficient quantities throughout the kefir for seeding. Thus to make a new batch, a 1/4 cup of the old batch is used for seed of the new batch. This simplifies the procedure considerably. Pictures depict the procedure using whey and another using a mixture of whey and solids. I allow the kefer to ferment until separation of the whey from the solids occur. This takes place from 18 to 24 hours on a pad set at 40C.

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23 November 2016 Sprouting rice

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/23%20Novembe%202016%20Sprouting%20rice/HTML/ 23 November 2016 Sprouting rice
First attempt at sprouting rice, a 8 kg package of NuPak (USA) long brown rice was chosen. All the paraphernalia was collected and the rice was set aside to sprout in a warm dark drawer. Unfortunately, only a few grains sprouted. So I ended up cooking it without sprouting. To continue I must buy another type and experiment. Apparently sprouting has major nutritional benefits. Pictures depict the effort.

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23 November 2016 Utilizing Garlic

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/23%20November%202016%20Utilizing%20Garlic/HTML/ 23 November 2016 Utilizing Garlic
The touted health benefits of garlic are only available in crushed garlic, and are reduced by heat above 60 degrees C. Also after an hour of being crushed benefits are reduced considerably. This implies using fresh crushed garlic within one hour of processing to get touted health benefits. My method is to mix crushed garlic with warm rice to remove some of the inherent raw sting and hope for the best. Ideally one would crush just prior to ingesting. Pictures depict my method.

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21 November 2016 Gruel

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/21%20November%202016%20Gruel/HTML/ 21 November 2016 Gruel
Six products were made into a gruel for daily breakfast cereal. Two cups of each ingredient was blended with water into a slurry, then mixed in a double boiler and cooked for about three hours. The double boiler prevents burning. The end product is stored in sealed plastic containers and kept in the freezer. This product dries well in a dehydrator if used for camping as a powder. The products used are sunflower seeds, almonds, soaked cooked brown rice, flax seeds, nixtamalized Indian Corn dehydrated, sprouted wheat grains.

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