14 October 2019 Dinner

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/14%20October%202019%20Dinner/HTML/ 14 October 2019 Dinner
Dinner was made from mostly garden produce.

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13 October 2019 Dinner

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/13%20October%202019%20Dinner/HTML/ 13 October 2019 Dinner
Have found eggplant is most filling so made a quick lunch of garlic, tomato, and eggplant with a glass of juice. This is almost the last of the garden, since there was frost last night.

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13 October 2019 Asimina triloba, pawpaw

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/13%20October%202019%20Asimina%20triloba,%20pawpaw/HTML/ 13 October 2019 Asimina triloba, pawpaw
My pawpaw tree is producing ripe fruit. The fruit gets soft to the touch when ripe and soon falls to the ground. So far I have collected five fruit. I simply slice and eat raw. They have a most pleasant taste, almost like custard. I have two trees and only one has produced fruit this year.

Final Harvest 2019
http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/17%20October%202019%20Pawpaw%20Fruit/HTML/ 17 October 2019 Pawpaw Fruit
One pawpaw (of two) trees produced seven pounds of fruit. There has been two light frosts over the last four days and all the fruit was released by the tree. Prior to the frost the fruit was held strongly to the tree branch. The fruit is slightly soft and quite ripe and sweet tasting.

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6 October 2019 Garlic Bed

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/6%20October%202019%20Garlic%20Bed/HTML/ 6 October 2019 Garlic Bed
Preparation for planting garlic for 2019/2020 season on about 20 October. The selected area was rototilled, mulch wood chips will be applied after the cloves are planted.Garlic is planted in the Fall in zone 5.\\


Compost added to the bed. Four rows marked. Two for consumption one row for bulbils. to make rounds, one row for rounds to make cloves for next year.Must go and get some wood chips with the van. Each row produces 50 mature bulbs

Adding wood chip mulch 10 October 2019 Garlic Bed

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/10%20October%202019%20Garlic%20Bed/HTML/ 10 October 2019 Garlic Bed
Wood chip mulch is added to the garlic bed. The mulch protects the garlic from winter weather. Mulch is purchased for ten dollars a yard, which is transported in my van using a half cubic yard box. The garlic will be planted later this month.I have about 100 cloves to plant,a few rounds, and 100 bulbils. In the Spring the garlic plant has no difficulty growing through the mulch.

Planting bulbils and cloves for seed.

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/11%20October%202019%20Garlic/HTML/ 11 October 2019 Garlic
Two rows of seed garlic was planted. The left row is bulbils and the next row row is cloves for next years crop.The last two rows about 50 cloves in each row is for the main 2020 crop to be planted later this month.

Garlic planted for 2019/2020 season.
Season’s garlic, about 100 bulbils, 100 mains stock cloves, about 50 bulbs for seed next year, and about ten rounds all that were available. Garlic grows well in my Zone 5. Nothing attacks the crop.

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6 October 2019 Gruel

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/6%20October%202019%20Gruel/HTML/ 6 October 2019 Gruel
Gruel was made, corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, flax, and almonds. Blended with water and cooked for about two hours in a double boiler. This is my breakfast cereal.The finished product is placed in plastic containers and frozen until required.

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27 September 2019 Indian Corn

http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/27%20September%202019%20Indian%20Corn/HTML/ 27 September 2019 Indian Corn
The small patch of Indian Corn as harvested. Seventeen pound were obtained. It will be dried kernels removed and kept in bucket anad used for gruel, porage.

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22 September 2019 Blackberry

http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/22%20September%202019%20Blackberry/HTML/index.htm 22 September 2019 Blackberry
Blackberry fruit grows in a softball size bunch and 2 to 4 ripen daily. There are three bushes and a bowl of fruit is picked every other day. I ingest them fresh, since there is insufficient quantity to juice. They are a most pleasant fruit. My bushes are thornless.

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20 September 2019 Concord Grape Juice

http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/20%20September%202019%20Concord%20Grape%20Juice/HTML/ 20 September 2019 Concord Grape Juice
Twenty pounds of one vine concord grapes was made into 11 liters of pressure canned juice. The brix of the grapes was 16. Processing procedure was wash, remove grapes from substrate by swiping across a mesh,place in cooking pot, make into a slurry, strain 2mm mesh to remove seeds, pressure can at 15 psi for 15 minutes for long term storage.

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15 September 2019 Sweet Potatoes

http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/15%20September%202019%20Sweet%20Potatoes/HTML/index.htm 15 September 2019 Sweet Potatoes
The last of the sweet potatoes were dug. One was dug abut a week ago and the total weight from four plants was about 15 pounds. Good quality.
They are dried a bit and stored in the root cellar and used as required.

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13 September 2019 Tempeh Chickpea

http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/13%20September%202019%20Tempeh%20Chickpea/HTML/ 13 September 2019 Tempeh Chickpea
Chickpea tempeh was prepared for fermentation. Picture depict the procedure. Wash, dehull, cook, acidity, mix starter, place in cotton lined mold, place in fermenter set at 31C for 36 hours. Another picture will be added at end of fermentation.

Chickpe tempeh fermenting.
http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/15%20September%202019%20Chickpea%20Fermenting/HTML/ 15 September 2019 Chickpea Fermenting
Chickpea tempeh has been fermenting about 40 hours. It will be left for about another 24 hours to insure a deep ferment. It is slower to ferment than soy tempeh by about half.

Chickpea batch is finished processing.
http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/16%20September%202019%20Chickpea%20Tempeh/HTML/ 16 September 2019 Chickpea Tempeh

This is after about 50 hours fermenting. It is important to mix the starter carefully to touch each pea, since they are so large the mycelium fibers cannot cross the gaps in some cases. Hence some areas do not gt the benefit of the mycelium.

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