19 April 2019 Garlic (Growing)

http://durgan.org//April%202019/19%20April%202019%20Garlic/HTML/ 19 April 2019 Garlic
Garlic planted in October 2018 has started to grow. The main bulb are up also the small rounds planted. The bulbils (seeds) have not broke through yet. The plants all look healthy. There is about 100 plants.

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9 April 2019 Removing husks from Chickpeas

http://durgan.org/April%202019/9%20April%202019%20Removing%20husks%20from%20Chickpeas./HTML/ 9 April 2019 Removing husks from Chickpeas
Making tempeh. husks are removed from the chickpeas. Procedure is to boil the chickpeas for one hour. Remove and cool with cold water. Rub the chickpeas together and float off the husks. Do this five times and the chickpeas will be completely husk free. Then cook the chickpeas for about one hours at a gently boil to soften for tempeh making.

Making Chickpea tempeh from dehulled chickpeas.
http://durgan.org/April%202019/10%20April%202019%20Chickpea%20Tempeh/HTML/ 10 April 2019 Chickpea Tempeh

Tempeh was made from the dehulled chickpeas. The beans were further gently boiled for one hour, cooled and a tablespoon of vinegar and tempeh starter mixed. The chickpeas were placed in cotton covered molds and placed in the fermenter for 24 hours. The mycelium permeated the beans and made a perfect tempeh. Pictures depict the method.

http://durgan.org/April%202019/11%20April%202019%20Chickpea%20Tempeh/HTML/index.htm 11 April 2019 Chickpea Tempeh

The blocks were fermented 20 more hours at room temperature. Notice how the mycelium covered the whole area. The first 24 hours were at 31C in the fermenter. The last 20 hours were at room temperature 20C. The blocks were then wrappd in plastic and placed in the refrigerator to stop fermenting.

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8 April 2019 Dinner

http://durgan.org/April%202019/8%20April%202019%20Dinner/HTML/ 8 April 2019 Dinner
Making simple dinner. Three slices of lentil tempeh fried in butter and garnished with a splash of soy sauce. One Yukon gold baked potato. A glass of home mixed juice pressure canned.

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7 April 2019 Garden (Preparing for planting.)

http://durgan.org/April%202019/7%20April%202019%20Garden/HTML/ 7 April 2019 Garden
Preparing garden for planting in May. Frost is out of ground. Started rototilling today. All spent vegetation has been removed.I was using an electric rototiller.It works reasonably well, the cord is always a bit o a hassle.

8 April 2019 More rototilling

http://durgan.org/April%202019/8%20April%202019%20More%20rototilling/HTML/ 8 April 2019 More rototilling

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6 April 2018 Lentil Tempeh

http://durgan.org/April%202019/6%20April%202018%20Lentil%20Tempeh/HTML/ 6 April 2018 Lentil Tempeh
Half a liter about one pound of brown common lentils was made into lentil tempeh. Procedure was wash, gently cook for 15 minutes (this is critical) since the object is to have soft beans but still retain their shape.Cool after cooking to room temperature about 20C, add vinegar to lower pH, add tempeh starter and mix thoroughly. Place in fermenting molds, place in fermenter set at 31C. Remove after 24 hours. I leave the finished tempeh at room temperature to age for 24 hours before stopping fermentation by placing in the refrigerator. A personal choice. The tempeh is perfect and easy to reproduce.

http://durgan.org/April%202019/7%20April%202019%20Lentil%20Tempeh/HTML/ 7 April 2019 Lentil Tempeh
Fermentation was extended another 12 hours to total of 36 at room temperature. The mycelium completely encompassed the lentils.

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2 April 2019 Lentil Tempeh

http://durgan.org/April%202019/2%20April%202019%20Lentil%20Tempeh/HTML/ 2 April 2019 Lentil Tempeh
Brown lentils, 500 ml about 2 pounds, were made into tempeh. Procedure was gently boil in water for 25 minutes. Cool to room temperature 20C and add a tablespoon of vinegar and mix well.Add about half a teaspoon of tempeh starter and mix thoroughly. Place in cotton lined molds about 400 mil-liter to each mold. Place in fermenter set at 31C for about 30 hours. The white mycelium will completely encase the beans. Store in refrigerator to stop fermentation until required. This is the easiest tempeh to make.

More time to ferment 45 hour total. A perfect production.
http://durgan.org/2019/New%20Folder/April%202019/3%20April%202019%20Lentil%20tempeh/HTML/ 3 April 2019 Lentil tempeh

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2 April 2019 Garbanzo Beans

http://durgan.org/April%202019/2%20April%202019%20Garbanzo%20Beans/HTML/ 2 April 2019 Garbanzo Beans
I want to grow garbanzo beans in my garden. Finding local seeds was difficult, so I purchased from a bulk food store and tested for germination by placing between layers of a damp tissue. Germination was 100% in three days. So bulk food beans will be used for seed. Garbanzo beans are also known as chickpeas.

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31 March 2019 Starting MJ Seeds

http://durgan.org/March%202019/31%20March%202019%20Starting%20Seeds/HTML/ 31 March 2019 Starting Seeds
Starting Marijuana seeds for outdoor planting in May. Harvest will be in the Fall.

4 April 2019 Marijuana Growth
http://durgan.org/2019/New Folder/April 2019/4 April 2019 Marijuana_/HTML/4 April 2019 Marijuana
This is the plants after ten days growth. They were started about 25 March 2019. Thy are under a LED lamp in a bucket with a fan to gently agitate the plants to make strong stems. Marijuana has very weak stems when very young and they tend to be l
eggy without agitation and a strong light. Sunlight being the best light.


14 April 2019 Marijuana (After 20 days growth under LED lamp)
http://durgan.org/April%202019/14%20April%202019%20Marijuana/HTML/ 14 April 2019 Marijuana
This is showing growth after 20 days from seed.I use LED lamps which work fine. I can squeeze 6 growing cups in a 23 liters pail. There is a small fan installed to cause some agitation on the stems to add strength. This is to start the seeds and they will be grown outside when the weather warms up.

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30 March 2019 Tempeh (New mold)

http://durgan.org/March%202019/30%20March%202019%20Tempeh/HTML/ 30 March 2019 Tempeh
Sometime the mycelium would not permeate the body of soy. It was thought that insufficient ventilation was present during the fermenting. New molds were made by burning holes all around a plastic container. Two molds were processed with soy tempeh and they turned out perfect after 24 hours of fermenting at 31C. The mycelium reached all parts. Picture show the result. Each container is about 400 grams.

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27 March 2019 Cotton

http://durgan.org/March%202019/27%20March%202019%20Cotton/HTML/ 27 March 2019 Cotton

This is the cotton cloth, for the molds from Walmart, that I use to wrap the tempeh in when fermenting. There are five pieces in a package for about five dollars. I sterilize them by boiling for five minutes in the microwave.

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