Soy Milk and Soy Cream 24 January 2012 Soy Milk and Soy Cream.

One litre of soy beans were processed into soy milk and soy cream. Method is wash the beans, boil for ten minutes, rinse. Blend until a fine texture, place in a tall pot and stir occasionally to remove all air. Put mixture through a fine mesh screen. The desired product is called soy milk.

Put the residue from the screening through a juicer, I happen to have a Champion. The desired product from the juicer is quite thick, which I call soy cream.

The residue from the juicer was made into Pilot Bread using dark rye flour.

Both the milk and cream could be mixed together to make a thicker milk. Or the cream could be flavoured to taste and used exactly like typical cream.

The residue from the juicer could be toasted in the oven or dehydrated to make a choice addition to any breakfast cereal. I chose to make Pilot bread with dark rye flour.

All the soy bean ingredients were utilized. Now compare this product to that insipid stuff called soy milk from a supermarket. There is no comparison.

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