Fruit Leather (Jerky) 17 February 2012 Fruit Leather (Jerky)
Fruit leather (jerky) was made using the following:Frozen Cranberries $5.86 1 lb,,Bananas $1.98 2.5 lbs,Pear $2.77 2.33 lb,Buttercup squash $3.39 3.4 lb,California orange $2.15 3.16 lbs,Carrot $1.19 1.5 lbs, Yam $1.03 1.75 lb, Strawberry $1.39 1 lb,Apple $1.86 1.8 lb, Kiwi $2.09 7 medium size,Pineapple $1.99 ,Red plum $3.68 1.42 lb, Mango $2.04 1.38 lb. Total cost for seven 14 by 14 inch trays $31.42. About 175 pieces of 2 by 4 inch finished product. Cost per piece about 18 cents.

Each piece of produce was cut into small pieces and beat into a slurry in their own juices in a typical blender.The yam, squash, and carrot was cooked in microwave for five minutes prior to blending. The output was then made homogeneous in a large pot using a hand blender. The slurry was placed on sheets, and spread evenly, then sprayed with ascorbic acid solution to assist in the fruit retaining colour. Dehydrating takes about ten hours. After eight hours the slurry sheets will be turned over and placed on the open screens to facilitate complete drying. The end product should be flexible and dry, determined by testing periodically.The large sheets will be cut into pieces about 2 inches by 4 inches and vacuum sealed for long term storage at room temperature. Life time may be increased by refrigerating or freezing.

Processing produce in this manner makes a good method for consuming more and a larger variety of fruit and vegetables, since the small pieces make a fine nourishing snack.

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