Mung Bean Sprouts 30 April 2012 Mung Bean Sprouts

My method of making beans sprouts. This method is very simple. Soak beans in water for 8 to 12 hours. Place a reasonable quantity in litre jars, place jars in a dark place, rinse every 12 hours and let grow. To remove the unsightly husks rinse periodically in a pot of water and remove the brown seed casings. I process seven jars at a time, and eat a bowl for breakfast daily as a supplement.

The growing beans are kept in darkness to prevent the formation of Chlorophyll (green colour).This is simply a preference. It takes about four days to finish growing.The finished product may be eaten raw or cooked. I prefer a few minutes cooking in a bit of butter and a dash of soy sauce. Healthy? You be the judge.

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