Asparagus 18 May 2012 Asparagus.
It was decided to allow the asparagus plants to mature and produce roots for next year’s harvest.The patch is quite attractive, when the shoots flare out into a beautiful fern like plant.The area was weeded and heavily mulched with wood chips. In the Fall the mulch will be raked back and a layer of compost added and the mulch re-applied. 8 MAY 2011 Asparagus
There has been a rain and two warm days, and there is another asparagus patch harvest. 6 MAY 2011 Asparagus.
Another meal picked today. The little bed is fairly productive. 3 May 2012 Asparagus
Another asparagus meal. The produce was steamed for about 10 minutes and served with some butter as a garnish. 21 April 2012 Asparagus Cut Today. This is a running commentary, which will be updated during the 2012 season to document the quantity of asparagus shoots obtained from the ten plants. 17 April 2012 Asparagus
A few shoots were cut today. The shoots are never uniform in size,and the shoots are cut when of appropriate size. 11 April 2012 First Asparagus
Only one plant has produced shoots so far. This is about a month earlier than last year. I ate the one shoot raw. It sure has a nice juicy flavour. This is Guelph Millennium. There are ten plants and this is the fifth year, since the bed was planted.

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