Strawberry 21 June 2012 Strawberry. Fourth picking
Fourth and last picking one pound 8 ounces or 0.7 kg. There are some every bearing in the patch so they will be a few more during the Summer. Each plant was watered with a pail of rain water to keep them healthy.The fibre glass screening works well for bird protection, but the edges must be secured or the small bird crawl under. Total production from this 8 by 12 foot patch this season was 13.5 pounds or 6.1 kg. 15 June 2012 Strawberry. Third Picking.
Weight of berries obtained today was 3.5 pound about 1.6kg. Very hot and sunny today with almost no breeze. 10 June 2012 Strawberry. Second Picking
This is the second picking of strawberries. Five pounds (2.3 kg) obtained. 6 June 2012 Strawberry. First Picking
This is the first picking of 3 pounds 8 ounces (1.6 kg) from the 8 by 12 foot strawberry patch.

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