Bird Protection 22 June 2012 Bird Protection
Robins were visiting the blueberries,which are beginning to ripen. The top fibre glass screening was installed on the previously built structure. Without this protection the robins eat or destroy eveRy berry by poking holes in the ones not eaten. 3 June 2012 Bird Protection for Blueberry
There are six blueberry bushes in an area 8 by 12 feet which must have protection from birds or there is simply no fruit available. What the birds don’t eat they damage by pecking. The solution chosen was to completely enclose the area.
Four foot wide, one inch metal mesh was chosen. Six foot steel posts were installed at three foot intervals and driven into the ground two feet with a pile driver. The chicken wire mesh was installed and supported with plastic ties. The bottom of the mesh is covered with soil and wood mulch. A removable entry door was made from wood mesh. For the top, fibre glass screening was used, this is used on the strawberries also.This mesh is 8 feet wide and was purchased in a 100 foot roll. The fibre glass is held in place with plastic ties connected to the perpendicular posts. The structure is strong, simple to fabricate, and is completely bird proof.

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