Brussels Sprouts 23 June 2012. Brussels sprouts removing lower leaves
The lower leaves of the Brussels sprouts were removed. This facilitates breaking the small cabbages off easier and keeps them from the soil, and possibly some bugs.Any leaves touching the ground were removed. The plants were also checked for larvae of the white cabbage butterfly, which was hovering around. I managed to dispatch one. The plants are supported, since the mains stalk sometimes curves when heavily laden with cabbages. 11 May 2012 Brussels Sprouts
Eight Jade Cross Brussels sprout seedlings were planted in the garden.These were purchased in flats and planted in pots to establish strong roots for about 7 days in the greenhouse. Brussels sprouts grow well in my area. The cabbage moth is a problem some years. I saw one around today, which is very early for this pest. I will use diatomaeous earth powder spray in an attempt to discourage, plus a hard water spray to remove any egg slime. Later when the ground warms sufficiently (20C) the area will be heavily mulched with wood chips for moisture retention.

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