Nail cooking of Pilot Bread 25 June 2012. Nail cooking of pilot bread
Pilot bread for long term storage at room temperature must be very dry.Since whole wheat flour tends to insulate the centre during the cooking process,it was decided to bring the heat to the centre of the fingerling. Nails 3.5 inches in length were chosen, sterilized since this is first time used. After forming the fingerling, the nail is inserted longitudinally through the centre and the baking is commenced.The metal of the nail conducts heat to where it is needed. The nail is easily removed after baking, and they are stored in some vegetable oil to inhibit rusting.The fingerings are very dry using his process. To soften for eating, the fingerling can be steamed or placed in a microwave for 20 seconds.Vacuum packing extends shelf life considerably at room temperature. Annotated pictures depict the process. The same nail process is ideal for baking whole large potatoes.

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