Buttercup Squash

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?OYBJK 29 June 2012 Four Buttercup Squash Plants
The four squash plants are taking over the garden. During the last week or so they grow about two feet in 24 hours. This is my first real effort at growing squash.After reading the various posts about the Squash Vine Beetle, I became aware. So far I have captured five SVB’s. [(squash vine beetle). Scientifically known as Squash Vine Borer – Melittia cucurbitae.] One by accident in a tub of vegetable washing water.At the time I didn’t know what it was, but found our rather quickly.Today I decided to inspect the stalks near the roots, and found two adults, and a layer of eggs. At a quick glance there appeared to be probably two hundred.Now I am not certain if these eggs were of the SVB or squash bug, since upon researching the SVB lays eggs individually. Anyway both are harmful to the plant.I captured the two SVB adults, and squashed the eggs, and covered with diatomaceous earth/boric acid powder. Later in the morning I was inspecting the squash flowers looking for the Cucumber Beetle, which likes to frequent the flowers. Inside one flower there were two SVB’s. I shot them with a stream of cannister Raid and captured them in my hand.They were buzzing like a fighter prop air plane diving at full throttle. Upon inspecting the other three plants, so far I don’t think my plants have been infected. And the battle continues!

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?SAQNC 15 May 2012 Buttercup Squash.
Four plants were moved from the greenhouse to the outdoor garden. The plants were purchased in flats and transplanted to individual pots to strengthen the roots in the green house for about ten days.These plant spread,so an area between my recently planted haskap bushes was selected for this growing season.The plants were heavily mulched using wood chips to keep moisture levels high.

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