Corn 31 August 2012 Corn Produced. About 75 cobs of quality corn corn was produced. Pictures for 15 and 19 of August are shown.The stalks have been removed and placed on the compost pile. 24 July 2012 Corn Patch
Pictures indicate growth.There are thirty two plants in a 4 by 8 foot area. It portends a nice harvest. No bug damage and the colour is excellent. It is beginning to tassel. 24 June 2012 Corn Growing well
Two seeds did not germinate. 14 June 2012 Planting Corn
Four eight foot rows of Seneca Arrowhead Hybrid sweet corn was planted.Spacing was one foot at a depth of one inch.Rows are about two feet apart. The broccoli plants in the chosen area were removed and the bed prepared for the corn by adding compost and rototilling into the underlying soil.The corn seed was spouted between two wet paper towels for 48 hours. Annotated pictures depict the process.

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