Horseradish. 7 October 2012 Horseradish
The horseradish is treated as an annual. Two plants are sufficient for my needs. A perfect root has a diameter about the size of a pencil or smaller.It is found that the smaller diameter root fibre is softer than the larger roots. Rather than skin the roots they are washed in the clothes washer and this reduces the labour considerably.The cut up roots are blended in water and the minimum is used.Then vinegar is added to stabilize the mixture and blended using a hand blender. The mixture was vacuum packed and will be placed in 250 ml jars at a later time, and stored in a refrigerator. All the blending must be done outdoors, since the oils permeate a large area, and tend to affect the nasal passages adversely.Two root pieces were selected for next year plants. Any piece will grow. A proper bed will be prepared at a later date and the plants left to overwinter.This procedure is the best that has been devised to date.

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