Seedling Pot 6 February 2013 Seedling Pot
After utilizing various starting seedling pots over the years it was decided to make a pot to meet my needs. Concerns are: high germination, little disturbance of roots when transplanting,convenient size, convenience of producing, and cost.
Plastic cups were purchased from Walmart, along with some cotton pads.Drainage holes were burned on the periphery of the cups. The cotton swab was places in the bottom of the cup (Pot) to prevent spillage of the soil and to retain some bottom moisture.The pots filled with home soil.The seeded pots then placed in a container so bottom watering can be carried out, and the pots covered to maintain high moisture until germination.When transplanting or moving up to a larger pot the container side is cut to reduce any root disturbance Few seeds need light for germination. They need appropriate warmth and moisture.Immediately after germination light is required and SUNLIGHT is ideal.

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