Kefir 16 March 2013 Kefir Fermentation 20 hours, 79F. When mixed has a most pleasant taste. “Seeds” have not separated from the mixture. After mixing a portion is used to make a succeeding batch. 12 March 2013 Kefir.
Judging fermentation to be complete (30 hours at 79F), due to the solids precipitating out from the liquid, the mixture is further processed.The solids are separated from the liquid.A portion of the solids (two tablespoons/500 ml of skim milk) are utilized for the next batch and the remainder is ingested as required.The liquid is utilized as a drink.This will be my method of utilizing in the future. 9 March 2013 Kefir Continuing using the bacteria produced from the last batch. I ingest (drink) about 500 ml per day and will see if there is any physical effects in 30 days, using myself as a guinea pig subject. 8 March 2013 Skim Milk Kefir
A new batch of skim milk kefir. Fermentation was at 79F for 24 hours, which appears to be ideal. A serving is about 500ml. This batch is probably as good as it gets. 7 March 2013. Next batch of Kefir.
This is another batch of Kefir using the original set of grains, continuing the indefinite process. Twenty four hour at 72F would appear to be about the correct time for fermentation. Skim milk appears to be working well. A daily batch (serving) for my purposes is about 500 ml of product. Two servings were made for this batch. 5 March 2013 Making Milk Kefir
A lsdy gave me some Kefir grains (bacteria) so I decided to go into the milk kefir business. Yesterday 500 ml of skim milk kefir was made. A new batch was prepared for use tomorrow. The is an ongoing process. The grains may be kept in the refrigerator for a few days if not desired to make a new batch immediately.This product is touted to have beneficial health benefits similar to yogurt.Procedure is to strain out the grains, prepare 500ml of skim milk by bringing it to room temperature about 20 degrees centigrade. Mix the two ingredients, cap the jar with a coffee filter so the jar can breathe and place in a warm place for 24 hours.

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