Spray Can

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?IKRVE 30 March 2013 Spray Can
Periodically it is necessary to spray plants in the garden. I have never been satisfied with the spray cans sold for this purpose. After some thought I decided to experiment with the electric paint sprayers on the market.Today was as perfect day for spraying (no wind, sunny, and temperature about 10C) the 15 or so fruit trees with dormant spray (Sulphur and oil). I purchased the lowest cost spray device for $67.20 and sprayed the trees. The paint sprayer worked perfectly. A 100 foot extension cord is sufficient to reach all the trees. The cannister is sufficient capacity to not have to be filled too often. This device is a big improvement over the usual hand pump. The job took less than an hour to complete, and coverage was through.The sprayer will be used for other ‘cides as deemed necessary.It is easy to clean since my ingredients are not as exacting as paint would be.

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