City Compost 12 May 2013 Compost Pile.
The city has no more compost for the public this year. My pile is five cubic yards. I drove
220 km or 22 km each day for ten days to collect this pile.It is 40 wheel barrel loads.The compost will be placed on the garden beds in the Fall and worked into the underlying soil. Some will be used to hill the 2013 crop of potatoes. 1 May 2013 City Compost.
The City of Brantford, ON supplies two garbage cans (about half a yard) of compost during the month of May. The city adds to the pile as necessary for the month.I pick up a load every day during May and store it in a pile and spread usually during the Fall.This is the only fertilizer used and it is found to be adequate. The pick up place is eleven km from my location.If purchased the load would be 20 dollars or 40 dollars a yard.

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