Brussels Sprouts 31 May 2013 Brussels sprouts planted outdoors.
Eight Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts planted outdoors.Supports were supplied and the area was mulched with wood chips to retain moisture. The plants will be sprayed with Neem oil and soap, since the white cabbage butterfly is sure to appear, which damages the small cabbages. 20 May 2013 Brussels Sprouts (Jade Cross)
Eight Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts were purchased and placed in individual pots.The roots were pot bound, which were separated and placed outdoors to harden off and to establish strong roots. Only two started from seed survived, which were planted in the outdoor garden today.The potted ones today will be planted outdoors in about 10 days. 15 March 2013 Brussels Sprouts. Germination.
Eight plants are required for planting outdoors about 20 April in my Zone 5. Eight Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts seeds were planted. The seeds were wetted on a paper towel for 48 hours so the seeds just sprouted, then planted in small containers and placed in a plastic bag until shoots start. The containers were placed on a heating pad in the greenhouse.

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