Pak Choy 23 May 2013 Pak Choy
The flea beetle makes holes in the leaves. My defence is neem oil and insecticidal soap mixture.It eventually removed the flea beetle, but they still did much visual disfigurement of the leaves. 1 May 2013. Pak Choy 10 plants moved to outdoor garden.
The flea beetle attacks this plant, so they were sprayed with Neem oil in an attempt to defeat the attack.The plants did well in the greenhouse. 12 March 2013 Pak Choy. Germination Method
Eight Pak Choy seeds were planted. The seeds were wetted on a Kleenex for 48 hours so the seeds just sprouted, then planted in small containers and placed in a plastic bag until germination. The containers were placed on a heating pad in the greenhouse. The plants will be placed in the outdoor garden in the first week of May.

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