Tehranivee Cherry

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?DLUUZ 1 June 2012 Cherry Tree Cage Bird Protection
Bird Protection.A cage was built 8 by 8 by 12 feet tall covered with chicken wire and roof was fibre glass screening.The birds devastate the cherries without protection. The choice was simple either remove the tree or add protection. The tree is completely enclosed and there is a 4 by 4 foot entrance.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?SPBZF 26 May 2013 Bing Cherry
There is one cherry tree in the garden. It was planted in 2007, purchased in a pot from a nursery. It is named Tehranivee Cherry. The fruit is abundant this year. In 2012 frost killed all the buds and there was no cherries within miles.I have had three relatively good harvests and the quality is excellent. The birds wreak havoc on the cherries,particularly robins.A chicken wire net will be installed.
Tehranivee Cherry
A new mahogany coloured self fertile sweet cherry with black-red juice. Tehranivee has excellent flavor as well as size, sweetness and firmness.Bred by famed Canadian researcher Gus Tehrani, it was released in 1996, from the Vineland Ontario Station and is a cross of Van and Stella. This beauty will be a winner for American home orchardists.

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