Strawberry 16 June 2013 Dehydrated Strawberries
Five pounds of strawberries were dehydrated as a slurry for 12 hours at 145F/63C. This is a fruit leather.The product may be vacuum packed and kept for long periods depending upon he amount of moisture left in the product. If perfectly dry and almost like leather it will keep indefinitely. There is always an issue with sticking to the pan.On the next effort a thin film of vegetable oil will be applied to the pan in an attempt to eliminate the sticking problem.Strawberries have little sugar and usually the leather is almost as sour as a mild lemon. 15 June 2013 Strawberry First Picking.
First strawberry picking. Total harvested was five pounds. The small patch is protected from birds using fibre glass screening. 30 May 2013 Strawberry Patch
This little patch of June Bearing strawberries delivers many quality berries.I pick around 20 pounds over a three week period. I tried growing Alpine and Everbearing but found them poor quality. The June Bearing appear to be the best for my area.The patch must be protected from birds or not one berry will be left.Robins are the main culprit.

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