Cucumber 18 July 2013 First Cucumber Picking.
The first cucumbers were picked today. They were made into juice. Growth was literally overnight from tiny fruit to adequate size. 16 July 2013 Cucumber plants thriving.
The weather turned hot and the rain finally stopped, so the cucumbers are thriving. I picked two slicers today.The bulk of the crop will be used to make juice. 30 May 2013 Cucumbers planted outdoors
Four pots of cucumbers grown about six weeks in the greenhouse were planted outdoors. Roots of cucumbers should not be disturbed when transplanting, since it inhibits growth severely. 26 May 2013 Preparing Cucumber Bed.
A cucumber bed was prepared for about eight plants now in the greenhouse. The area was rototilled, two wheelbarrows of compost added and rototilled into the underlying soil.Mulch was added as is my normal gardening practice. A trellis of two 4 by 8 concrete reinforcing wire three feet apart connected to five foot posts and tied with plastic ties was installed. The cucumber plants will be trained to the trellis. This system contains the plants and makes the fruit all green since none touch the ground.It is still too cool to place the plants outdoors. Cucumbers don’t grow if it is too cool. 16 April 2013 Cucumber.
Four pots of cucumber (National Pickling) were started in the greenhouse. Pictures depict the germination procedure.The plants will be placed in the outdoor garden about the end of May. This method gives the plant an early start, and cucumbers are harvested about a month earlier than seeding directly in the ground. Cucumber seeds germinate at a high temperature around 85F plus.When planting the roots are not disturbed, even if this means cutting the side of the pots.

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