Blueberry 31 July 2013 Blueberry

Thirty five pounds of blueberries were picked from a commercial farm. Kent Kreek Berries is a scenic family blueberry farm close to Simcoe, ON, near the North shore of Lake Erie.The berries were excellent quality and about 20 litres were picked or 35 pounds. The berries were processed into 25 litre jars of juice. Each jar contains 1.4 pounds of berries. Cost per pound is $2.60. Each litre of juice costs $3.60.The berry farm is protected from birds utilizing a CO cannon and another area with speakers emitting predatory bird calls. Not 100% protection but sufficient.

The blueberries were covered with water and cooked and beat into a slurry using a hand blender. There is no cellulose in blueberries so straining is not necessary, simplifying the juicing process. Twenty five litres of excellent juice was obtained. The jars were Pressure Canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage. Pictures depict the process.

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