Viking Potato 2 September 2013 Viking Potato Harvest
Fourteen Viking potato plants were harvested. The average yield was about 3 pounds per plant of very high quality large tubers. Forty pounds were placed in the cold room for long term storage. About ten pounds were culled due to damage and will be for currant use.Weights per plant were 3.75,3,2.5,2,2,3,4,2.5,4.5,3,4,2,3 and one not recorded. 26 July 2013 First Viking Potato Plant harvested
The first Viking potato plant was harvested. Tuber quality is excellent and the weight was four pounds six ounces (4lb 6 oz), which is excellent, with about six weeks more growth before the main harvest. 11 June 2013. Potato Growth to Date.
Potatoes are thriving in spite of very cool weather since planting. No Colorado Potato Beetles have been seen. Touch Wood. 29 May 2013 Mulching Potatoes with wood chips
A perfect rain last evening and the soil is damp down to below the seed potato, consequently a perfect time to mulch the area. A lawyer of wood chips was applied about three inches thick. 25 May 2013 Hilling Potatoes
My three rows of potatoes were hilled. There are 16 Russian Blue, 19 Viking and 16 Yukon Gold.The space between the rows was rototilled with the small Honda FG110 to loosen the soil and to hill around the plants. The valley created was filled with compost and raked smooth.The new tubers have about six inches of soil in which to develop.Later after a heavy rain the area will be heavily mulched with wood chips. 12 May 2013 Viking Potatoes Growing The row (17 Plants) of Viking potatoes is growing well.It has been cool with adequate rainfall. 18 April 2013 Planting Viking Potatos
Nineteen Viking tubers were planted at 14 inch centres in the row and the rows are 20 inches apart.Depth is about five inches in a trench, and the tubers are covered with about three inches of soil. Each tuber was marked with a fibre rod. This facilitates digging, and established a focus point when watering using the Magic Water Wand. As the potatoes grow they will be hilled and mulch will be added. Expectation is four to six pounds per plant. These tubers were excellent quality purchased seed.

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