Russian Blue Potatoes 5 September 2013 Russian Blue Potato Harvest.
Forty pounds of Russian blue potatoes were collected from eleven plants for 3.6 pounds average per plant.Thirty pounds will be used over the Winter, and ten set aside for seed in 2014.Quality is high and there were few culls. I usually bake in a Dutch oven at 400F for an hour or simply boil. 12 May 2013 Russian Blue Potatoes Growing The row of Russian Blue potatoes are growing well in spite of the cool Spring. No bugs to date. 18 April 2013 Planting Black Russian Potato (aka as Russian Blue)
Nineteen Black Russian tubers were planted at 14 inch centres in the row and the rows are 20 inches apart.Depth is about five inches in a trench, and the tubers are covered with about three inches of soil. Each tuber was marked with a fibre rod. This facilitates digging, and established a focus point when watering using the Magic Water Wand.As the potatoes grow they will be hilled and mulch will be added. Expectation is three to four pounds per plant. These tubers were excellent quality saved from my last year’s crop.

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