Concord Grape Juice 16 September 2013 Concord Grape Juice.
A supplier of pick your own grapes was found on Kijiji. I drove to St. Catherines and picked two pristine bushels or about 75 pounds of Concord grapes.Cost was $20.00 per bushel. The grapes were made into 40 litres of juice about two pounds of grapes per litre. Method was to remove the grapes from the support substrate using a mesh. The grapes were cooked in three batches of about 25 pounds each. Five litres of water was added to the cooking pot to facilitate cooking and to thin the juice. After cooking about 15 minutes the grapes were beat into a slurry using the hand blender.The grapes were then strained using a food mill. The liquid was then placed in litre jars and pressure canned in batches of seven for long term storage. Pressure was 15 PSI for 15 minutes. Pictures depict the process.

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