Horseradish 18 September 2013 Horseradish.Processing.
Horseradish plants were dug today and the roots made into a condiment. The boards under the plants made digging easy and the long roots were obtained almost intact. The roots were cut from the main clump, washed in an automatic washing machine, cut into inch chunks and blended OUTDOORS(fumes can be overwhelming in an enclosed space) with vinegar. Any excess vinegar was drained off. The end product was stored in jars and placed in the refrigerator for storage.The vegetation was put through the chipper\shredder for composting.Two large roots were selected for next year’s growth. The plant is a perennial but it is treated as an annual. 8 October 2012 Planting Horseradish
Two pieces of horseradish saved from the 2012 plants were carefully planted for next year harvest. A hole about four feet area was dug to about 14 inched depth. A board was placed in the hole bottom and the hole filled with some compost and soil. The board prevents the roots from growing too deep, hence making digging easier and not having the root tentacles breaking off when harvesting.The area was mulched and the roots will have some growth before freeze-up.

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