Fish (point of origin). 18 November 2013 Cod
Periodically fish becomes a portion of my diet. My preference is for fish caught and processed in Canada, USA, NZ and Australia. We don’t get access to EU fish in Canada. After reading the labels with great difficulty due to the size of the package print I discovered the label states Lunenburg NS Product of China. I don’t imagine the cod fillets ever got anywhere near Lunenburg NS. I consider this a blatant attempt to obscure the source of the fish. After going through the open freezer supply of fish it was discovered that there was absolutely no “local fish”. All our fish comes from China and countries in the vicinity.That is my concern.

Additional Information HIGH LINER SEAFOOD
Important questions about the safety of seafood products from China have been raised recently in the media. Below is information about High Liner frozen seafood products that we hope addresses your comments and concerns. At High Liner, our quality control measures are stringent and comprehensive, ensuring that food safety and quality are never compromised. We hope that you continue to purchase High Liner products with confidence.

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